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IMG_0199Are there any others you may ask? Naples being the home of the pizza, on a recent visit I just had to search out a restaurant preparing the authentic item. With the help of http://www.napoliunplugged.com I found the perfect place right in the centre of the city. Restaurante Sorbillo is not much more than a cafe with a wood burning oven.

IMG_0197They don’t even bother with salad, they just make pizzas very very well. There were five girls in our party, so we started off thinking that three pizzas between us would be plenty, but the combinations of toppings on offer made it impossible to whittle down to so few, so five it was –IMG_0200We had a cheeseless one topped with tomato sauce, capers, anchovies, olives and fresh chopped chillies.

IMG_0205Then the classical Quatro Stagioni – spring being represented by thinly sliced courgettes and fresh basil leaves atop a creamy mozzarella base. Summer was a smearing of tomato sauce and oregano, mozzarella again and salami. Autumn of course was represented by mushrooms and winter was smoked Provole cheese and with with a tomato sauce.

IMG_0201There was four cheeses with ham and basil leaves and no tomato.

We were so busy eating that I didn’t get photos of the final two pizzas to arrive at our table which were a classical Marguerita, tomato, oregano, mozerella and ham, and our favourite pizza which featured  smoked Provole again, there was a base of tomato sauce and fresh chopped chillies, and on top of the cheese cherry tomatoes and ham. In the next post I will show you how to create these pizzas in your own kitchen.

i leave you with some shots of Naples.IMG_02142013-04-04 16.14.00