La Micaela Farm Shop

la_bodega_del _espiritu_santoLa Micaela Farm Shop is open every Friday selling organic produce grown on the farm and our range of home made marmalades, jams and chutneys.la_micaela_farm_shop

Opening hours are 11am to 2pm Fridays only in the Bodega Del Espiritu Santo at Cortijo La Micaela, Vera, Almeriala_micaela_farm_shop_map


1 thought on “La Micaela Farm Shop”

  1. Gail Harris said:

    Oh my word ……. i just finished curing some belly of pork with Nevenka’s seasoning – I hung it up in my bedroom as there are fly screens on all the windows and so I hung it on a hook and shut the bedroom door! I sliced it this morning and served it to Mick and my dad – I don;t think I will be buying bacon again in a while, or actually, ever!!!
    thank you Nevenka

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