Some months ago one of my dinner guests Gines, after a meal of mine that had been particularly enjoyed by all, suggested – no insisted – that I write down all that we had eaten. He then suggested that I write a diary, so that it included everyday meals as well. Why not? I thought.

I have a farm in the hottest corner of Spain. Taking advantage of this climate, unique in Europe, our main crop is Thai limes, but then we grow a little of everything else that we can. All other citrus fruits, figs, almonds, pomegranates, peaches etc as well as a huge range of vegetables. I try as much as possible to live off the land and as everything here is grown organically it all tastes so good. As I started to write my diary, I found it only natural to include details of what was being planted and sown, what was ready to harvest, how to preserve excesses and then how to use these preserves.

You will see many influences in my cuisine, from my Bosnian father, from formative years with Elizabeth David as my guide and of course from all the countries where I have lived and worked, especially Spain. An interest in food is a never ending journey. There are always new flavours to experience, new ways to prepare dishes and new ingredients to taste. I hope you enjoy coming with me on this leg of my culinary journey.      Nevenka x


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