This light, fresh tasting lunch or supper dish is simplicity itself and prefect for when you are cooking for yourself alone. This morning I left the Spanish sun to visit the thickly snow covered French Alps, and brought with me the left over vegetables that I had picked for the farm shop yesterday. I am a bit weary after the long journey so want to eat something that is quick to prepare, but fresh and nourishing. I stopped off in the valley before coming up the mountain to get some basics in, butter, eggs, ham and bread. 2012-12-09 19.25.47

The beans from the veg garden are young and tender, so I fry them in olive oil for a few minutes, then I add some ham cut into small pieces. Continue frying for a few more minutes until the beans are cooked but still have some crunch. Turn the heat low and then add a couple of free range eggs that you have beaten a little to mix the whites and yolks, and seasoned. Stir the eggs around the pan and only let cook to a very soft set. Turn onto a warm plate and enjoy your Revuelto de Judias Verdes with crunchy fresh bread.2012-12-09 19.28.29

Revuelto translates as  –  turned over – referring of course to the turning over of the eggs in the pan. The soft scrambled eggs are regularly found on menus in Spain with combinations of vegetables and either ham or prawns. Asparagus and Prawns, Broad Beans or Sweet Peas and Ham, Spring Garlic and Ham, Mushrooms, or Morcilla the Spanish black pudding. In the Basque Country it is made with slow stewed Red Peppers and called Piperrada. Or try your own combinations………