I know that salads recipes are hardly ground breaking stuff but most of us eat salad on a regular if not daily basis, so here are some ideas to perk up your salad repetoire.

Mixed leaves, goats cheese, warm bacon pieces, walnuts, chives and their flowers.

Puntarelle which is a type of endive where you eat the flower shoots which resemble asparagus, tomatoes and anchovies.

Potato salad made the way my Dad made his and taught me.  New potatoes scraped and sliced, cooked al dente and then dressed while warm with lashings of extra virgen olive oil,  red wine vinegar and slivers of salad onions. Chive flowers to garnish.

A classic Salade Nicoise, but made with grilled fresh tuna, why have tinned when fresh tuna is available. Mixed leaves, tomato, lightly cooked french beans, soft boiled eggs, garlic and almond mayonaise.

Gorgonzola and walnuts atop blanched mange toute peas, grilled asparagus, grilled baby courgettes and their flowers, crunchy lettuce, tomatoes. Dressed with extra virgen olive oil and red wine vinegar.